The Reinvention Collaborative UVP network is a national network of Vice Provosts and Vice Presidents for Undergraduate Education and other senior officials who have campus- or college-wide responsibility for undergraduate education. The network serves as a resource and a forum at which individuals with similar responsibilities can share experiences and information, discuss common problems, plan multi-campus projects, and speak in a collective voice. While there are national groups that address the common interests of provosts, deans of graduate schools, admission directors, and other administrators at research universities, there is no parallel group for senior administrators of undergraduate education. Thus the network fills a real gap, particularly as individuals in this position strive to raise the level of attention given to undergraduate education on their campuses. In addition, since the senior leadership position in undergraduate education is relatively new on many campuses and still evolving, the network would have the added value of helping to shape and strengthen it.

Guidelines for UVP Programs

Time of meeting:
The meeting will be a full day, 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Overall program priorities are established by the UVP planning committee in consultation with UVP members. The program for a particular meeting is worked out between the host institution and the UVP planning committee.

There will be an institutional welcome, if possible by the President or Provost, who will speak briefly about the university and related regional or national issues (15-30 minutes)

University showcasing:
The host university will design the program to showcase some of its own programs or accomplishments—either as a distinct section of the program or as an integral part of one of the program topics (see above and below).

Program topics:
The program will feature two main topics (possibly 3) and will include presenters from the host institution and other UVP institutions.

The program and associated meals will be planned to allow considerable time for discussion among UVP attendees.

Meeting schedule and location:
In each two-year period, the UVP anticipates three campus-based UVP meetings (spring-fall-spring) and one to coincide with the National Conference (fall). The spring-fall-spring meetings will rotate among the UVP institutions. As convenient and unless other institutions are at the ready and eager to volunteer, the University of Miami will be the locus of the meeting once every other year.

Each member institution shall identify an individual to be a member of the UVP network. This person will be the individual who has chief institutional responsibility for undergraduate education, usually with the title of Undergraduate Vice President/Dean/Associate Provost. People who hold a UVP role at non-member research universities are invited to attend for a registration fee of $250 that can be applied to the 2018-19 membership dues; they should contact us at for further information.