June 4-6, 2015

University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Co-hosted by Carnegie Mellon University


The role of UVPs in the future of the

undergraduate experience in research universities


A note about the UVP Network

The UVP Network is composed of faculty administrators who, while having many different titles, share a distinctive role: all-University administrative responsibility for undergraduate education. The UVP Network has come to play a central role, along with the Board and Executive Director, in identifying the topics and issues the Center focuses on in distinctive periods.


Presentations from the meeting can be accessed by clicking the links in the session titles below.


Thursday, June 4—Pre-Conference Events


2:00 – 5:00      Board Meeting

6:30               Welcome Reception


Friday, June 5—UVP Network Meeting


Welcome and Introductions

 Topic 1: The Distinctive Undergraduate Experience at Research Universities

Pitt: Outside of the Class Curriculum (OCC). Kenyon Bonner

CMU: Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology (IDEATE). Thanakis Rikakis

CMU-Pitt Collaboration: UTeach and STEM EducationAmy Burkert, Veronica Dristas

FSU: Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program. Karen Laughlin

UT-Austin: UTeach and STEM Education. Larry Abraham


Topic 2: Roles and Responsibilities of UVP Network Members

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program Juan Manfredi, Jameela Al-Jarodi

Commonly Shared Responsibilities:

  • Undergraduate Research, including its assessment
  • Accreditation
  • Academic Services (e.g., academic support, advising, international students)
  • Study Abroad
  • Admissions
  • Retention and Enrollment Management
  • Honors, National Fellowships
  • Curriculum and Program review and approval, including General Education.
  • Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes
  • Teaching and Learning Centers
  • Student Athletes
  • Student Veterans and active members of the military
  • Career Services
  • Academic Integrity
  • Academic Affairs and Student Affairs


Common Challenges: What are they and what can the RC do to help?

  • Broad institutional responsibilities
  • HR issues
  • Limited incentives and executive decision power
  • Professional Development for UVP and Staff. Should the RC provide it?
  • (1 or 2 day workshops for new UVPs)
  • Budget constraints and creative solutions to them.
  • Challenges and train wrecks and how we survived them.


Saturday, June 6—UVP Meeting


Topic 3: Faculty Roles and Responsibilities for Educational InnovationIncentives and Disincentives

Carolyn Thomas

  • Evaluation of faculty teaching, role in tenure and promotion
  • Faculty development
  • Faculty of the future: Professors of Practice, Clinical Tracks
  • Carrots and Sticks