Request for Proposals & Nominations for 2018 National Conference & Subsequent Digital Publication

As part of its RC20/20 initiatives, the Reinvention Collaborative invites proposals and nominations for presentations at the 2018 national conference.  Accepted conference proposals will – after post-conference revisions and editorial approval – be included in a digital volume published by the Reinvention Collaborative.  Since the publication will be in digital form, the presentations may be of many different types, including papers, e-portfolios, and reports with links to digital materials.  Proposals and nominations may be made on behalf of member universities; by faculty, staff, and students at member universities; by any of the Collaborative’s networks; and by external stakeholders who are aware of relevant research-based initiatives and practices at R1 and R2 universities.

The theme for the 2018 conference and the working title for the publication is Cultivating Curiosity, Creativity, and Discovery – Undergraduate Educational Experiences at America’s Research Universities.  The focus on curiosity, creativity, and discovery applies both to characteristics the undergraduate experience should cultivate in students and to an overarching commitment by universities to cultivate an ongoing process of institutional self-discovery about the impact of different practices on educational outcomes.

The Board of the Reinvention Collaborative invites proposals and nominations for presentations on any of the following areas:

  • Student-centered undergraduate learning experiences that fully leverage the distinctive capabilities of research universities to meet the educational needs of today’s and tomorrow’s students.
  • Institutional structures and cultures that would successfully implement and sustain an overarching commitment by research universities to cultivate an ongoing process of institutional self-discovery about the impact of different practices on undergraduate educational outcomes.
  • Analyses of the institutional and educational interrelationships that must be connected to maximize the effects of innovations on student learning, persistence to graduation, and post-graduation success.
  • Analyses of different theories of institutional change and self-discovery.
  • Case studies analyzing member universities’ experiences applying and evaluating research to university initiatives on learning, degree completion, institutional change, and post-graduation professional success (both initially and across time).

As mentioned in the first paragraph, proposals and nominations for conference presentations in the areas covered by these five bullets may come from a wide variety of sources and take many different forms.

Answers to questions about this Request for Proposals and Nominations can be found in the RC20/20 FAQ on the Reinvention Collaborative website.

Proposals and nominations should be emailed to in PDF format by December 1, 2017.


Proposals and nominations should follow the following template:

Area of Focus

Title & Abstract (300 word maximum. Please include reason project, initiative, or analysis was undertaken, key findings, and metrics used to measure impact.)

URL (if website is available)

Research that Informed Design of Project or Initiative (150 word maximum)

Project Funding (size, internal or external sources, base or one-time)

Number of Students Affected; Scalability if a Pilot (150 word maximum)

Other Comments on Implications and Significance (300 word maximum)

Primary Contact


Timeline for 2018 National Conference

Proposals are due by December 1, 2017.

Editorial decisions on invitations will be sent by January 15, 2018.

First drafts due April 16, 2018.

Editorial responses will be sent July 1, 2018.

“Conference drafts” due October 5, 2018.  These drafts will be made available as part of the electronic conference materials.

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