In June 2014, the UVP Network endorsed creating three specialized networks that could promote more effective collaborations on three critical topics:

  • Curricular/Co-curricular Engagement & Integrative Learning
  • Science of Learning/Pedagogical Innovation
  • Student Success/Learning Analytics

In 2016, an additional network on Advising & Academic Guidance was created.

These networks are designed to connect a broad array of administrators, faculty, and staff from across our university communities in intra- and inter-university conversations.  The general objectives of the networks include:

  • Share best practices
  • Document ongoing work and the research underpinning it, including campus-based action research
  • Promote cross-campus connections
  • Use all the ideas, conversations, and shared research that comes out of the first three activities to inform and support on-campus collaborations that enhance undergraduate engagement and learning at your university

Click here for a list of current co-chairs for each specialized network.

For more information about the Reinvention Collaborative’s Specialized Networks, please contact