“The opportunity to meet with institutional leaders from so many other research universities, all of whom are focused on improving the quality of the undergraduate experience, to share ideas about ways to address the many challenges currently facing higher education is unique and invaluable.”

– Larry Abraham, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, the University of Texas at Austin

“The Reinvention Collaborative is the best place I know of to learn about trends, best practices, and innovative ideas related to undergraduate education at research universities. This network of like institutions keeps me energized and provides wonderful opportunities to exchange ideas in an open and supportive environment.”

– Karen Laughlin, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Florida State University

“I have participated in the Reinvention Collaborative National Meeting since 2008 and have found them to be thought-provoking and well aligned with my work in undergraduate academic affairs. The Reinvention Collaborative, and the UVP Network, is the single best organization for me to interact with others doing the same work, resulting in new ideas and new collaborations.”

– Anonymous

“I am very encouraged at the Reinvention Collaborative’s diligence in promoting the best practices of the Boyer Report at research-intensive universities. We have lots of balls in the air, and the Collaborative’s support, guidance, and networking helps all of us meet those multiple demands, especially in the areas of pedagogy and student support.”

–Richard W. Slatta, Professor of History and former director of the First Year Inquiry program, North Carolina State University