It is our pleasure to welcome old friends of the Reinvention Collaborative (formerly the Reinvention Center) and those who have only just discovered us to our new website.  Since it was founded in 2000, the RC has been served by two institutional hosts: the State University of New York at Stony Brook and the University of Miami. On January 1, 2013, Colorado State University became the third host institution.  In November 2016, we officially changed our name to the Reinvention Collaborative.  

In a letter “handing off” the role of institutional host to Colorado State, the University of Miami’s president, Donna Shalala, wrote Colorado State University President Tony Frank: “We agreed to host the Center at Miami because we believe its mission and activities are critical to American higher education.  The Reinvention Center represents and advocates the distinctive kind of undergraduate education only research universities can provide.  A unique consortium of 65 institutions, both public and private, the Center integrates and disseminates the educational insights and successes our research faculties have developed and are devising.  It helps us all to focus on the multiple ways research and discovery refresh, animate, and strengthen undergraduate education. . . . Thank you for this signal contribution to our collective work.”

We invite our colleagues at research universities to join in our work directly and all those who are interested in advancing undergraduate education in America’s research universities who wish to help inform our conversations and shared initiatives to visit us often and share their perspectives.

Dr. Amy Burkert
Board Chair, The Reinvention Collaborative
Vice Provost for Education, Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Steve Dandaneau
Executive Director, The Reinvention Collaborative
Associate Provost, Colorado State University